Acupuncture Glossary

Acupuncture needles - are fine filiform needles, sterile and disposable conforming to British Standards.

Moxa - a herb used to warm an acupuncture needle or used directly on the skin to warm an acupuncture point. Common name: Mugwort; Latin name: artemisia vulgaris.

Cups – used to form a vacuum promoting circulation of blood to an area locally.
Spring Probe – a blunt ended probe used to stimulate an acupuncture point instead of a needle, mostly used in treatment of infants.

Derma roller – a barrel shaped instrument with raised bumps used to stimulate the skin.

Plum-blossom needle – seven needles in a star formation (resembling a plum blossom) attached to a handle to  create a hammer, which is then used to tap the skin to stimulate blood flow locally.